Friday, April 07, 2006

Pad Thai

Like some people I don't like to read when I cook. So when I decided to make Pad Thai, I took a quick look at the ingredients and just kind of made up my own version. I made up my own directions and used the ingredients that I had. I think I had half of what they wanted you to use. I had eggs, the noodles which was not soaked as directed, fish sauce, tamarind (I had the powdered version), homemade crushed red peppers, and oil ( I think the recipe called for sesame oil and maybe peanut oil too). That's it. I forgot the sugar, which I had. It turned out okay or good. It didn't taste like Pad Thai though. It tasted more like the soup noodles that I usually make, but without the chicken broth. I also don't use eggs for my soup noodles nor do I use broccoli.

here's a photo of my Pad Thai. I think the only ingredient you need is fish sauce.


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