Monday, April 24, 2006

The name of my favorite Thai dish

Today was fun. We left the house a little late, but were able to do a few things. We stopped by Earthen Fire and painted these. Can't you tell who painted what? =) I got lazy so I took a short cut and just painted the whole area inside the plate and just added dots. Mike's project didn't go so well. I told him that I didn't want to be mean, but everytime I looked at his mug I felt like throwing up because it reminds me of the American flag. He tried his best so I give him credit for that. He said that he didn't know what to do and plus the curves made it hard and he claims that he used red because I didn't let him use my pink...anyway, he thinks it's bad too...O could be worse. I kept suggesting that he paint in the white area...but he didn't. Oh shit, I forgot to take a photo of his little guy inside the mug. It's very cute. I think he should have painted a comic strip on the would have been hella funny. He said that next time I'll do the mug and he'll do the plate....hmmm...that won't be til another 7 month or so.

fter paint for over an hour...(we took SO long. These little girls came in after us and in 15 minutes they were done. I told Mike that it's probably one of their chores so they just painted their mugs in one color and got it over with. As for Mike and I, we took 10 minutes to choose our colors and then we took another 15 just to paint our name. Haha.)

After this we went and ate at my favorite Thai restaurant....Sawaddee...I think it means "How are you" in Thai. I'm not 100% sure though. We ordered the Spring Rolls..which I think are wayyy too pricy for the size..but whatever Mike wanted the dish.

We also had Tom-Yum soup....our's basically hot and sour soup...but Thai style. We ate and drank everything! It's that good! Plus we were hella hungry. Either way we would have ate and drank everything.

And then we got Pad Thai with chicken..I usually don't order this dish at most Thai restaurants because they are always dissapointing, but they have really good Pad Thai.

And of course we had to have my (now also Mike's) favorite dish....*drum roll* #44. Yes....I used to know it by "#44....but today I made an effort to say's called "Yum Nurr."

And there you have it favorite Thai dish...I went online to try to find a recipe...damn it was very hard to find one...I finally found 2...on the internet they call it "beef salad"...I guess sometimes they eat them with you can see above the only green thing in there are the scallions. When I make the dish this week or whenever I'll post it. =) I also plan to make Tom Yum's easy..all you have to do is buy "Tom Yum" paste...that's the hot part...for the sour just add lime juice. Why pay $3.95 for a tiny bowl when you can pay a little more for A LOT! =)

Thanks for reading...and drop a line if you enjoyed my post for today. =)



Blogger The Saddest Girl said...

Hey there! Know why you are awesome? Because you actually get back to people's questions! Thanks for the update, I've added you to my links. The food looks scrumptious, I can see why it's your favorite.

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