Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Flam (flan)

In the events after I attempted my first flan...
Nery bought us some was okay...after that I kept having the cravings for flan...until last week when Jessica's grandmother made us some flan. It was yummy. Her grandmother's flan made me wonder if I could make a better flan..... IF I followed all or most of the directions. Well, in my opinion it turned out pretty good. Here's what it looked like as a whole.

And here's what it looked like cut into a slice with strawberries. Yummy.

A closer view.

For two small people we sure did eat A LOT of flan. We had it for dinner/desert and the next day we had it for lunch/desert. I'm pretty sure we could have finished it during one meal if we didn't eat so much before the flan.



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