Sunday, November 19, 2006

Street Food

I didn't get any photos of the street food that we had when we were in New York, but I promise you that the chicken kabobs were freaking awesome! The hot dogs, not so great. Too small and flavorless for my taste.

We past by a food vending business. I stopped to take photos, but didn't buy anything. They sold food and t-shirts in the vending machines, but the drinks you had to buy from them. They should have a beverage vending machine. I remember this old vending machine they used to have at Longs (a drug store). I wonder if they still have it there. Anyway, for 25 cents a tiny cup, I'd say an 8 oz cup, would drop down and then the drink of your choice would come down next. I loved going to Longs with my mother. While she was in line I'd ask for a quater and go get myself a drink. Sometimes I would save her some or she'll give me 2 quaters and I'd get her a drink as well. I bet American's wouldn't have an obesity problem if these vending machines existed instead of the ones with the 16 or 18 oz bottles of sodas.

China Town wasn't so great. The fake Tiffany's were not worth it. But I did buy a boot-leg Von Dutch cap. I only wear it at home.



Anonymous sister nai said...

you better just wear that hat at home!

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