Monday, December 18, 2006

Don't shoot me, but Trinity Brewhouse was BAD, not bad cool, but bad BAD!

Yes, it was bad. I ordered the Trinity burger and couldn't eat it. There was blue cheese in it. I like blue cheese, but not in my burger. That's my fault for not paying attention. One thing I can really complain about are the fries, they were bad. I'm not sure how to explain it; you'll have to eat them to find out. Okay fine, they were thin, but not crunchy. Some fries were uncooked. $9.95, not worth it! Next time I feel like getting a burger I'll head over to the Kartabar on Thayer. It's only $7.00 for a bigger and better tasting burger.

The Trinity Nachos were okay. We liked the chips because they were large and crunchy, but the whole thing lacked flavor. I think pickled Jalapenos would have added more flavor instead of Fresh Jalapenos. Overall the nachos were the best thing we had besides the PC Pilsner.

M-- got the grilled sausage platter. The Red bliss mashed potatoes tasted like they were sitting in water after they were mashed. Bad, bad, bad. And the thing was lacking flavor.....salt. The platter came with two sausages. One of the sausages tasted like extremely salty hot dog and the other just tasted expired. The sauerkraut was not fresh, it was not sour, it was all brown and tasteless. For $13.99 we got a lot for this platter, but too bad it didn't taste good. We were extremely hungry so we ate all the nachos, but didn't touch the mash potatoes after 2 bites. I eat anything even if it's bad because it's a waste of money not to eat it. So we packed half of the burgers, all the fries, and a sausage. On our way home I didn't feel so great so I might NOT eat the left over after all. We'll see. People eat anything when they're hungry. I think we should have ordered the fish legs. At least it would have been different.

Oh well, we wanted to try a new place; we did and didn't like it.

Go here for beer, not the food. If you want beer and food, I suggest going to RiRa (a few blocks away). Plus, RiRa has 3 plasma screen TV’s and on certain nights they have pub trivia or a show.

Best place for a burger:

284 Thayer St.
Providece, RI 02906

I always order the Kartaburger(again only $7.00, dinner!). And M-- usually orders Gnocchi Diablo con filet mignon-$13.50(dinner!). We've tried some of their specials and other pasta dishes, but we like this one better. The only complaint about the Kartabar is that their cocktail drinks are water downed, I think they water down their wine too if that's possible).



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