Thursday, December 07, 2006

Haruki East on Wayland Ave.

300 pound halibut

Last night we went to Haruki East for dinner.

I was being cheap so I decided to stay away from sushi. Choice number one was Kibe Beef: NY steak with mash potatoes and seasonal greens, $14.00. Yes, I know it's not "Japanese" but I like this dish. At the last minute I decided to go with "The Catch of the Day." Grilled halibut.

I should have stuck with my first choice because the halibut wasn't that great. The wasabi sauce that came with the dish was interesting, but the fish was still lacking salt. I poured some soy sauce on top of the fish, but that didn't do it any good.

I didn't like the fish, but I ate everything because I told myself that the fish was healthy and that it will fill me up. Oh well, next time I'll spend an extra $5 or more for some sushi (fyi, California Roll is not sushi, it's faux sushi. I hate it when people think they've had sushi, but they really didn't).

I like this place, but I don't think I'll ever order "The Catch of The Day" again.

Positive things about the place:

1) The atmosphere is really nice (they're always busy at night esp. on Fridays so make reservations!)

2) I like their fried ice cream esp. when it comes with blackberries. The last time I had it they served kiwi with it--Hate it.

3) The sushi's not bad

4) I heard the Red Snapper Cheek was very taste.


1) It's a little on the pricy side so if you can make it before 3pm lunch is a better bargain
2) The price (I hope you got my point).


I didn't feel so great when we got home from Haruki, but I'm fine now.


And I don't always eat good or expensive food. Today I had a Celeste personal pan pizza (with sausage). Their "Zesty Chicken" is much better and it's lower in calories. $0.67 Yes, 67 cents, you can't beat that!

Man, blogging makes me hungry.

If you click on the title you can read a review on Haruki East and you can also see their menu.
(Note: The prices have gone up. Sashimi deluxe is not longer $24, it's not $28).

Haruki East
172 Wayland Ave.
Providence, RI



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Blogger Cronaca said...

Go to Ran Zan. Forget Haruki, especially for anything other than sushi. Not that the sushi is anything great: I've left with an upset stomach after sushi there on more than one occasion.

12:51 PM  

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