Monday, December 18, 2006

Haruki East on Wayland Ave. is going DOWN hill.

Yes, I said it! They are going down, down, down. Their sushi is no longer thick and fresh. The food in the bento boxes are tiny seriously, I'm not joking. I ordered a beef teriyaki bento box which comes with California rolls and the beef. The beef was smaller than a 2x3 post-it. The broccoli didn't have the sauce that it usually had, and to top it off it took TOO long to get to our table. Our sake (salmon), sweet shrimp, and yellow tail came after we fished our soup/salad, but I swear we waited over 20 minutes for our damn boxes to get out. It was 1pm and I was starving!

Anyway, I also forgot to mention that the fruit that came with the box was NOT fresh. 4 day old container fruit at the market would have tasted a lot fresher than what they had in our box. I usually eat everything when I'm hungry, but not the unfresh fruit! For that much at least let us leave feeling a little satisfied. Geez. We need a new spot. The good about this place is that it's so close to our house! Oh well the salmon really satisfied my sushi cravings for Saturday morning. Unfortunately they didn't have salmon skin, WTF!

The next day I went to Ruffles and had their pancake special. The price was very special. For $5.95 ($6.43 plus tax) I got a small cup of OJ, coffee (FREE refills), 2 soft fluffy pancakes, 2 sausages, 1 egg (over easy please!) and some home fries. Can't beat that! They serve brunch until 1pm. Word of advice, DO NOT arrive after 12pm because you might not get a seat. It's always packed after 12pm on Sundays. (Note if you're a fan of eggs Benedict or corn beef has I'll suggest you NOT order these. We ordered that last time and it was not all that, it was okay, just not great compared to Cafe Orlin's in NY or Zackary’s in Santa Cruz (I'm not sure if they're still there)).



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