Friday, January 05, 2007

"cake like" mini brownies

During the holidays I tried to bake. I was planning on baking a lot of things but after the first attempt I gave up.

I baked brownies for the second time ever.

The brownies weren't so great. One of the reasons why it turned out so bad was because I thought that "cake like" meant that the brownies would be fluffy. Boy was I wrong. I also over cooked them. They weren't burnt, but I definitely over cooked them.

They were very cute, but they tasted bad so I had to throw them away. M-- eats everything I bake, but not that time. When I was tossing the brownies into the garbage a mini brownie fell. When it hit the ground it made a thumping noise. I picked it up and knocked it on the wall. Wow, it sounded like someone's knuckles hitting the wall.



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