Sunday, August 05, 2007

Baby Blues Barbeque IS LAME!!!!!

Okay. This blog is called "thinking about what to eat next" but I hardly ever write about what I want to eat next. I think about what I want to eat next ALL the time, but most of the time the cravings go away or I'm just too lazy to blog about it.

Today I saw Baby Blues BBQ on the Food Network again and boy I can't stop thinking about the food the ribs. I saw this episode twice in the past but never caught the name of the place until today. I heard that the place was in California so I was hoping it was near by. Luckily for me I have internet connection and the place is in Venice, which is about 20 or 30 minutes away from where I am staying at the moment. I am craving some ribs (the big ones that were featured in the show). The corn looked too. Gosh, I am SO hungry right now! I am going to try to stop by the place this coming week. Wish me luck ! (I don't have car so it'll be a challenge to convince the driver to take me). (I've been bugging him about Roscoe's Chicken and Waffle for over a month and I still didn't get to go there yet! Good thing I've been there once or else. Grrrrrrr. (The food at Roscoe is pretty good too. I've been to the one on Sunset).

For more information, menu and pictures click on the link above or just cut and paste

Baby Blues BBQ
Danny Fischer - Rick McCarthy (onwers)
444 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291 USA
Tel: 310 396-7675

I can't wait! I'll bring a camera!

LAME-O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went today (August 9, 2007) and wow the restaurant was nothing like they showed on TV and online. I ordered the LONG ribs...and damn, they were the same size as the baby back ribs! WTF! I was still hungry after I ate and I'm a little person! I could have had a better meal at Tony Roma's or Lucille's. I was EXTREMELY Disappointed. On top of the "okay" food the service was horrible! It took us 25 minutes to get our food and the place WASN'T even busy! Hello! It was 4:15pm everyone is still at work! There were a total of 10 other people in the place which is not that much! I ordered sweet tea but they did not give it to me but they charged me for it. Of course, I had them take it off the bill. The Mac and Cheese was not fresh. The meat was semi-burnt which made it hard to taste the meat. The hot sauce wasn't as hot as they claimed. I will never ever go back. The food is extremely OVER PRICED! This goes to show you that you should not trust what you see on TV. It's a good thing I did not bring my camera.

Also, the plate that the food was served on was plastic which made it difficult to cut the ribs.

There was only one semi-good thing about the place.

Although the hot sauce wasn't as hot as they made it seem on TV it wasn't as bad. The sauce was more sweet than hot. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hottest....the XXX Hot sauce was only a 3. It's on the same level as that "rooster sauce" (sriracha). If you want hot food go try some vindaloo (that's Indian food).