Friday, January 05, 2007

Hay Market in Boston, MA

Once in awhile I like to go out of the state to get some fresh and CHEAP produce. We went last week and were able to get asparagus for only $1. Yes, one dollar. Pretty good deal. I got some herbs (cilantro (aka coriander), 3 bunches green onions, and parsley) for $2.25. At the market around the corner from my house, for $2.25 I would only be able to get one or two bunch of herbs. I wanted basil, but the guy forgot to bring them with him because he was going to a wedding the next day and had forgotten. Yes, he told me all of this and then he introduced himself and told me to come back next week. I said okay, but I don't think I'll be back for another month or two.

Penne with Newman's vodka sauce, served with baked Shaw's hot Italian sausage topped with parsely.

Cheap and easy. Less than $7 per person (or more like $3.50 per serving since we eat for two). Oh yeah I forgot about the asparagus. Add another 75 cents to the cost since I only used 3/4 of what I bought....(of course I forgot about the rest. I didn't have enough room when I roasted them).

Sorry there's not link to the Hay Market...but it's near the Holocaust Memorial in Boston. You can't miss it.



Blogger Chris said...

Oh! Thanks for this! I grew up and went to school in Boston. I really miss Haymarket. We used to come home with tons of fruits and veggies.
is a great site to check out...Haymarket is right down the street. (Unless it has totally changed with construction.)

12:06 AM  
Blogger thinkingaboutwhattoeatnext said...

yup, it's still right down the street.

11:26 PM  
Blogger thinkingaboutwhattoeatnext said...

thanks for the website

11:27 PM  

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