Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bomb Ass fries at BLAZE on Thayer St.

Hello! It's been an extremely long time since I've blogged.

March -- not sure what happened in March. But I do know that I didn't try any new Asian restaurants, plus there aren't any that I'm interested in going too. Speaking of Asian restaurants...Haruki is opening a Haruki Express on Waterman St. I'm not sure what the food would be like and I won't be around to find out either since I'm moving back to California. YAH! Anyway....I had really bad sushi today from East Side Market Place...I don't know why the food is considered "fresh" when it's shipped from California...that's why I made sure to buy cooked fish eel. (I was too lazy to order take out and I was picking up a movie from my P.O box at the market anyway).

April -- We went to Red Stripe a few times...the grill cheese sandwich is awesome...but extremely oily. Their roasted tomato soup is the best I've had so far, but then again I don't usually order anything vegetables. Anyway, for $9 or $9.50 you get this HUGE (I'm not kidding about the huge part) grilled cheese sandwich grilled with pear, some sort of cheese, and prosciutto...and your choice of roasted tomato soup (yummy) or fries...skip the fries...they are always TOO salty!(you’ll leave the restaurant extremely bloated if you order the fries). But if you want to try them just have someone else order them and eat off of her/his plate. They usually give you too much fries anyway.

We are at Red Stripe....too many times...twice in May...May 1st and May 9th....after awhile the food gets boring...except for the roasted tomato soup. They have this awesome turkey liver mousse, but it’s expensive ($15 for a shared plate). I'm sure there was something else in it but I only remember "turkey." If you order the share plate it comes with 2 other or 1 other pate, duck, and salami. The jam (or chutney) that comes with it compliments the pate/meat very well. Ever since I had their turkey mousse pate I’ve been trying a sorts of pates from the cheese shop on Wayland, Whole Foods and even East Side Market place…but NOTHING compares to that. I should ask them where they get theirs from …I doubt they made it.

(May 17th, After writing about the roasted tomato soup I called in an order this afternoon. BTW the service is a little slow so if you're in a hurry or just want your food sooner tell them you have to leave soon. It works.)

We recently went to Blaze. I think they had/have one on Hope St. but they opened a new one on Thayer. The food was pretty good. Here's what we ordered.

0. Roasted tomato hummus (okay, are you starting to notice a trend of things I like? roasted tomatoes?) with some sort of toasted's # zero because it was FREE! How cool is that!

1. Sweet Potato Fries -- YUMMMMMY! Battered and deep fried, but still so good and you can STILL taste the sweet potato. This appetizer comes with this awesome Cajun mayonnaise base dip -- I loved it. And an okay tamarind wasn't thick enough to be called a dip.
Cost: $4.95, not bad.

2. Mushroom Ravioli -- I loved it! I usually don’t like to order anything without a lot of protein because I hate feeling hungry an hour after I just ate...but this wasn't bad! It was good! It had a little pork somewhere in the dish but I didn't see any. The sauce was thick which made the dish taste so good. You HAVE to try this dish if you ever eat here. Cost: $14.95, a little pricey but it's worth it (I ordered a pasta dish from The Kartabar for $12 or $13 dollars...and damn it was SO BAD! no flavor! no nothing! I could have made a better dish with $3 and my eyes closed and hands tied behind my back...yes, it was that bad!).

3. All American Burger --TOO DRY. I asked for medium. It was well done. Not good. But the salad that came with the burger was pretty good I guess. Cost: $7.95, too much for a bad burger

Our waitress (Sarah M.) was extremely nice and helpful! Too bad all waiters/waitresses aren't like her. So if you decide to try this place ask to be seated in Sarah M's section. She's the cute tall girl with the glasses.

Here's a quote I found online,

"You may find Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Steak Argentine or RI Style Calamari. For the Chocoholic there is Lava Love, a warm Chocolate Cake served with House Made Ice Cream. MMM Delicious!!!"

Yes, I heard that the desserts are very good, but we didn't have enough room for more food so next time I'll let you know if it's "MMM Delicious!!!" I think I'm going to order the Lava Love...with a name like that who could pass it up.

Next restaurant destination: Somewhere in Montreal, QC and then onto Waterman Grille.

272 Thayer St.
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 490-2128

This address is not online yet so you should write it down. =) or come back. Thanks for reading!



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